Pi network KYC - Live video

Pi Network: Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency with Platform-level Utilities


Interesting points about Pi Network's goals of increasing accessibility and creating practical utilities for cryptocurrency. A few thoughts:

Expanding access to cryptocurrency through mobile mining is a novel approach that could help more people participate. However, there are open questions about how Pi coins can be securely stored, transferred and used given the project is still in development.

Building utilities that integrate Pi and create demand will be important for the currency's long-term viability. The examples mentioned like content curation or identity verification could work if designed well. But utility is still in early stages and success depends on real-world adoption and use cases.

Leveraging the community's collective resources like attention, computing power or identity verification does have potential. But these platform-level utilities would also need compelling real-world problems to solve and strong incentives for people to participate ongoing.

An important consideration is how Pi Network plans to transition from the current centralized model to a fully decentralized one over time. The ultimate success of any cryptocurrency depends on having an open and decentralized governance structure.

In summary, Pi Network's goals of accessibility and utility have merit if they can deliver secure, usable and sustainable solutions that people genuinely want and adopt long-term. But there are open developmental challenges ahead to realize this vision. An incremental, community-focused approach may be prudent.